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Brice | Broadway BID

August 15th, 2016

Brice | Broadway BID

“The reason I wanted to work down here is because I support local businesses. I think that Broadway itself is made up of people who choose to support that. They want businesses to be original. I think that’s also part of the feeling people get when they come down here. It’s an original experience. You’re always going to have a different experience when you come down here.”

Meet Brice. Brice is the Broadway BID’s Outdoor Maintenance Summer Student. Possessing a personal connection to the street, Brice’s memories of Broadway stem from his childhood, as he would often visit St. John’s Music for his musical interests of saxophone and guitar. A devoted local to this day, Brice would describe Broadway in three words – kind, idealistic, and progressive. Spending much of the summer taking care of Broadway’s flowers and landscaping, Brice aspires to further his post-secondary education in agriculture in the fall. Drawn to district due to its relaxed state of mind, Brice truly believes in the people of the Broadway District and its unique sense of place within the city. A supporter of local businesses and the district’s village experience, Brice couldn’t imagine spending his summer anywhere but Broadway.

When Brice isn’t working you can find him at St. John’s Music Saskatoon, Christies Il Secondo , The Better Good , or exploring the surrounding areas of Broadway and Rotary Park. If you see Brice on the street, make sure to say hi!