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Brainsport + Open Storefront Partner Up

October 24th, 2016

Brainsport + Open Storefront Partner Up

Described as win for both the Broadway business district and Saskatoon theatre community, ON THE BOARDS Staging Company officially launched its Open Storefront Project on Broadway this past month. The Open Storefront project is a unique theatre initiative that celebrates and utilizes unoccupied storefronts for the city’s performing arts community to rehearse in.

Rather than see his 704 Broadway property (the former New Balance storefront) remain empty, Brian Michisaw, owner of Briansport, generously made the decision to partner with ON THE BOARDS Staging Company to sublease the space to the Saskatoon theatre community. Dedicated to fostering independent live arts production in Saskatoon, ON THE BOARDS Executive Director, Cynthia Dyck, is thrilled to provide indie-theatre companies with the resources that are often not easily accessible.

During the Open Storefront Opening Launch in late September, LIVEFIVE actress, Angela Kemp, explained one of the most challenging parts of community live theatre is sourcing rehearsal space. Angela not only expressed her excitement about practicing her next project in a heated location, but also the opportunity to share her art with the Saskatoon community in a truly unique and innovative way. All rehearsals will be open to the public to view through the storefront window, providing Saskatoon citizens the chance to experience the “other side” of theatre that is often not shared with the audience.

At the moment, LIVEFIVE is rehearsing Apple by Vern Theiessen in the Open Storefront space. While you may be able to obtain a sneak peak through the lit windows at 704 Broadway, Apple will be gracing the Refinery stage on November 4th to 6th and 10th to 13th.

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