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#CrokicurlYXE – Location, Rules, and Tournament Info

January 8th, 2018

#CrokicurlYXE - Location, Rules, and Tournament Info

By: Shreya Pahwa

The Broadway District is pleased to announce that we are going to be putting together a Crokicurl in Broadway in time for Winterruption (Jan 18th-21st)! We are hoping that it will remain in place until Feb. 26th (weather permitting). We encourage all YXE residents to check it out and play a game of this new winter activity.



Crokicurl is the brainchild of Public City Architecture, and combines two iconic Canadian pastimes: crokinole and curling, to become an exciting new outdoor sport for all ages. It is played by two teams made up of 1 to 4 players who will slide junior curling rocks or frozen milk jugs towards the centre of the ice. The object of the game is to accumulate the most points through shooting the rock into the centre button and positioning the rocks on the playing surface so they remain within the highest scoring circle at the end of the round.



The playing area is located beside the Broadway Roastery (614 Broadway Avenue) — and will be available for use starting Friday, January 19th/2018. It is free to use for ALL Saskatoon residents.

Curling rocks are available:

Weekdays – 9AM-9PM (private bookings) 

Weekends – 9AM-9PM (First come, first serve) 

To ensure availability of curling rocks at a certain time during the weekdays, please make a booking by emailing with a date and time.






Think you’ve mastered Saskatoon’s coolest new winter activity — Crokicurl? Come show off your crokicurlin’ skills and win some sweet prizes!
We are hosting a Crokicurl tournament called the “#CrokicurlYXE Tournaspiel” on Feb 17th-18th. Rapid 15 minutes games will determine who can claim to be the Crokicurl Champ!
Teams of 2-4 players can sign up. The winning team will receive prizes from Broadway District merchants. Entry fee for the tournament is $20 per team.
Games will kick off Saturday morning at 10:00AM, and will continue til late!
Other activities will also be happening on site during this tournaspiel! We will have Crokinole games set up, fire barrels to warm up, and food and beverages will be available for purchase by selected Broadway merchants at the event site.
Sign up to play, or come out to watch the tournament!
Please email if you have any questions.