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Neighbourhood Profile: Bill’s House of Flowers

May 10th, 2018

Neighbourhood Profile: Bill

By: Shreya Pahwa



Name: Bill’s House of Flowers

Location: 712 Broadway Avenue

Social: @billshouseofflowers on FB, @billsflowers on Instagram



Bill’s was started by namesake Bill Ellis is 1962. It is a family owned and operated flower shop that features beautiful floral arrangements, plants and giftware.

They’ve got an amazing team of floral designers that will bring your flower arrangement vision to life!

Side Note: 

Bill’s is gearing up for Mother’s Day which is a few days away! It’s a busy day for them, but they’re ready for all the orders!




Full Name:  Jana Ellis

Business Started in: 1962

What makes Bill‘s unique?

For sure our longevity!!  We have been around and have seen so many changes and advancements in the floral and plant industries and we have continued move forward with the times.  Our location in the heart of Broadway is perfect for our little shop… so much walk by traffic and people are always amazed with the diverse selection of flowers and plants we have.


Favourite part of your job? 

Ordering the flowers… seeing what is new and what we can get that we couldn’t 20 years ago.  It is a numbers game each week… what will we use?  How busy will it be?  Will people like a new and interesting flowers?  How long will the product last?  So many factors in how, what and why we are ordering.



Ideal/dream/favourite flower arrangement consists of:  

Right now I am on a Rununuculus kick!!  As are so many of our lovely clients… they last so long and keep opening over several days!!!!



Neighbourhood Love – One spot on Broadway that you love to go to and why:  

There are soooo many I have to pick one??  There are so many wonderful places to eat and browse that I can’t pick just one.  Our Broadway friends are amazing!!!  I try to support as many of the lovely places on Broadway that I can.