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Neighbourhood Profile: LIFECycle Spin Studio

June 19th, 2018

Neighbourhood Profile: LIFECycle Spin Studio


By: Shreya Pahwa





Name: LIFECycle Spin Studio

Location: 1002 B Broadway Ave

Social: @LIFECycleSpinStudio on FB and Instagram




LIFECycle Spin Studio is all about making you sweat and making you feel good! Their 35, 45 & 55 minute indoor cycling classes are designed to fit your schedule and give you the workout of your life. The music is pumping’, the lights are low and the energy is HIGH!


Fun Facts:

  • Spin class at LIFECycle are designed with this routine in mind: standing track, seated track, standing track, etc. This way, you can predict what type of moves you’ll be doing next.
  • LIFECycle hosts Spin + Gives monthly for foundations, charities and causes close to their hearts.






Full Name: Jessica and Deyton Bonish

Business Started in:  LIFECycle was May 2016, but we took over in November 2017.


When did you start your spin journey?

Jess – I started my personal fitness journey in 2015 — I started working out at home in the beginning and then graduated to the gym. Signed up for my first spin class — it’s one of those things that seems very intimidating at first, but the energy is high and I just became addicted to it.


What makes LIFECycle unique?

J – Our people. From our instructors, to our karma squad that manages the front desk, to the spinners themselves. Everyone that comes here is just so special. It’s become a family — one that Deyton and I are excited to grow.



Do you have any advice for first-time spinners?

J – Sign up for your class — first one is always free. I always recommend to try a few classes because it’s like riding a bike in Spring for the first time after a few months off — you’re going to be a little rusty and a little sore. That’s like your first spin class! You’re going to be in a high intensity cardio situation that you’re maybe not used to, but every time you do it, it gets easier. I always tell people that this is your workout — the instructors are there as motivators to guide you and show you what to do but in the end it’s all you. There are dials on the bikes so you can turn up the intensity, but if it’s too much — sit down and turn down the intensity. Bikes are perfect for starting out, because ultimately they’re controlled by you. And, it’s in the dark! There is a mirror there so you can kind of see your form and get motivated.


Favourite part of your job? 

J – When I’m in a class, up on the podium, and I see the whole class it is just so high energy. You feel their energy and feed off that energy. Music is going, lights are going — there is no other feeling than that moment when everyone is having a great time. Everyone has their own reasons for being there, but in that moment we’re all coming together and everyone is feeling great.



What make LIFECycle unique?

J – Our people, our community — everyone is at a different stages in their fitness journey. There are people who have been spinning for years, and some who are just starting out. Our instructors too — each one brings something unique to the classroom. We each have our own thing that’s our favourite thing, and then our own music, or our favourite move on the bike.



What do you like about being on Broadway?

J – The energy is so high here, and it’s so vibrant. I was just walking down the street yesterday making my playlist and I was so inspired by the businesses, there were people walking, there were kids going to school. There is such a mixed bag of community here on Broadway that we just love being a part of it. Everyone coming together and doing their specialty and doing it so well. Anything you need — it’s just down the street!


Neighbourhood Love – Spots on Broadway that you love to go to and why:  

J – Well, we have Nutana Bakery just 4 steps away from us so… fresh donuts! UNA and Leo’s our are favourites too! I also really like the Better Good! You can find some unique things in there that make excellent gifts. We’re just so excited to explore more of Broadway this summer!