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Neighbourhood Profile: Steep Hill Food Co-op

October 1st, 2018

Neighbourhood Profile: Steep Hill Food Co-op

By: Shreya Pahwa




Name: Steep Hill Food Co-operative

Location: 730 Broadway Avenue

Social: @steephillfoodcoop on FB and @steephillfoodcoopyxe on Instagram



Steep Hill a storefront that has no owner, and is managed by 2 members who are guided and cared for by a board of 9 members. They aim to buy high quality organic foods, earth friendly taxable products. and locally produced bulk foods. Their shelves are stocked with dairy-free favourites, locally grown produce and meats, and (healthy!) treats!



Fun facts:

  • Steep Hill’s 40th anniversary is on Oct 1st, 2018 — they opened up in 1978!
  • When they first opened, Steep Hill was located above Cafe Japa Bowl. Two years later — 1980 — they moved into their current location.
  • The name “Steep Hill” is because this area was once called the steep hill area because of the high bank on the east side of the river bank of our city




Name: Mother-daughter duo, Gerry and Andree


Your role at Steep Hill:

Gerry: I am one of the 12 founding members that has stayed with the store through hard times and good times. I started out as the buyer for the store’s inventory and have continued on with that. Now as manager I enjoy this most wonderful job of sharing and caring for this little, big store.



Why did you want to get involved with Steep Hill?

Gerry: I wanted to find top quality food for my family.


Favourite part of your job?

Gerry: Sharing time with interesting people and buying beautiful produce and products from local growers and farmers. Knowing we are a market for local growers.


What is something about your job that challenges you?

Gerry: Knowing my customers have a hard time finding parking here and trying to buy from many growers.


Neighbourhood Love — Spots on Broadway that you love to go to and why:

Gerry: I enjoy the camaraderie with my neighbours. I love pork BBQ rice bowl at Japa Bowl, desserts at Museo and soups at The Yard and Flagon. These businesses  are creative and offer interesting choices for their customers.