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Neighbourhood Profile: The Better Good

October 26th, 2018

Neighbourhood Profile: The Better Good

By: Shreya Pahwa





About The Better Good: 

For people + planet. That is what The Better Good strives to focus on. It is described by the owners as “old general store vibe” while focusing on better options for everyday items that are organic, fair trade, local and/or durable. The name “The Better Good” is a play on the greater good. Better has a nice connotation of continually trying to improve. Most of the store hardware is uprecyled by the owner, Corey, and features many items that are an ode to historic Broadway businesses (such as Willey’s Jewelers’ Clock). The store features many unique items that are functional and practical in our everyday lives, but also make great gifts!



Fun Facts: 

  • Located in the back of the store is a room filled with salt lamps! Perfect for a zen moment, or an Insta snap!
  • The Better Good also shares the the space with The Library of Things, which is located on the lower level of the store.




Names: Laura and Corey Neufeld

Roles at The Better Good:

Corey: Dreamer. (Also: handyman/book keeper/social media/graphic design/sales)

Laura: Ordering, product sourcing and curating, general staff management



Why did you want to start The Better Good?

C: So I could have a way to make a living that is in line with my values.

L: I wanted a business/job that aligned with my values, and was fun and social and had flexibility in the role. I wanted to provide options for living a sustainable life that I was wanting in Saskatoon but couldn’t find.



What do you look for in new products at TBG?

L: We have a set of criteria that new products must fit in to but beyond that it is about what I find beautiful, functional and universal. Keeping things at an attainable price point and always trying to source as close to home as possible.

C: Something new that fits our ethic. Something that will improve peoples lives.



Favourite part of your job?

C: Dreaming future products and projects, especially community engagement!

L: Finding new exciting products to offer that I know are going to do good, Community involvement, making the store look beautiful, working with friends and always meeting with and being surrounded by people in our community.



Neighbourhood Love – Spots on Broadway that you love to go to and why:

L: I love Venn and Museo, Steep hill Food Co-op, Il Secondo, Brainsport, Broadway Shoe Repair. I think they all offer quality products that I’ve bought for years and they’ve all  contributed to Broadway being an awesome shopping district….and they’re all locally owned too!

C: Calories! They have been so committed to real food, many organic option and tons local options for as long as I can remember. Plus their new facade is gorgeous and an amazing contribution to the Broadway streetscape. Also: Venn, Outterlimits, Bike Doctor, Steep Hill and especially the river.