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Neighbourhood Profile: The Clothes Cafe

May 15th, 2018

Neighbourhood Profile: The Clothes Cafe

By: Shreya Pahwa



Name: The Clothes Cafe

Location: 644 Broadway Ave

Social: Clothes Cafe Saskatoon on FB, @clothescafesaskatoon on Instagram


The Clothes Cafe is a store for guys and girls who are in search of the latest cool trends and unique styles in casual clothing. Opened in 1991, the store was started by brothers Chuck and Mike Sheilbelhoffer who wanted to combine their love for clothes and coffee. Mike and Chuck are often hanging out at the store or having coffee at one of the Broadway coffee shops. The brothers are truly pillars in the Broadway community, and always know what’s happening in the district. 

Fun Facts:

  • When The Clothes Cafe first started, the intention was to have a coffee bar in the store where people could have coffee and shop for clothes.
  • Mike and Chuck had a sister store called “Frank and Lucy” next door to Clothes Cafe which was named after their parents.
  • Chuck takes about 95% of the photos on their social media.





Full Name:  Chuck and Mike Sheilbelhoffer

Business Started in: 1991 (September 3rd)


What makes Clothes Cafe unique?

Chuck – I think the things we sell, the selection of clothing. And, our customer service. We always treat the customers really well.

Mike – We always have repeat customers — we treat them like family here.



Favourite part of your job? 

Chuck – Meeting people, and just hanging out at the store.

Mike – All the people, they’re like our family now.



Ideal/dream/favourite outfit consists of:  

Mike – Something comfy, casual…

Chuck – Usually with sneakers, nothing too fancy!


Neighbourhood Love – One spot on Broadway that you love to go to and why:  

Chuck – Every single coffee shop in Broadway — we love coffee.

Mike – 10AM every day that’s what we’re doing.