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Traffic Cabinets in the Broadway District

October 27th, 2017

Traffic Cabinets in the Broadway District

By: Shreya Pahwa


In the last few weeks, you may have noticed that a few new pieces of public art have popped up in the Broadway District. The traffic cabinets in our district were “refreshed” by four local artists: Cate Francis, Stephanie Kuse, Devon Plett (from Saskatoon Makerspace), and Chris Morin. Each of these vibrant designs was created digitally and then printed on low-maintenance wraps that were placed all around the traffic cabinets.

Here’s the lowdown on each of the artists, their inspiration for the cabinets, and links to find more of their artistic work!


Artist – Saskatoon Makerspace

Inspiration – ““No Lid” is a piece of art made to celebrate summer time on Broadway. Enjoy the sunny skies, the friendly people walking down the street the whole time finding an unspoken joy that just around the corner there’s a beautiful river. Summer causes Broadway to come alive. It turns a city of over 240,000 people into a small artistic town.”

Links –


Location – 8th St. and Broadway Ave. (Near St. Joseph’s Parish)


Artist – Chris Morin

Inspiration – “When I was initially contemplating this opportunity, I thought about the years I’ve spent living in the Broadway area and why I continually come back to the neighbourhood. I’ve lived in five different residences all located within three or so blocks, so I wanted to capture the spirit of the street. For me, this includes the food, the drink, the nightlife and the walkability. My intentions are to promote the local businesses without trying to overtly sell anything – I wanted to capture the people watching in the cartoon characters found in both pieces.”

Links –


Location – Main St. and Broadway Ave. (Near Extra Foods)


Location – 10th St. and Broadway Ave. (Near Crave Cupcakes)


Artist – Stephanie Kuse

Inspiration – “The two designs I created for the traffic cabinets on Broadway were inspired by The Broadway BID’s close proximity to my favourite thing about Saskatoon, The South Saskatchewan River. I used images of nature in an attempt to draw the lush river bank further up and into the city. The images were digitally manipulated to produce vibrant abstract works that fit well with Broadway’s contemporary and creative atmosphere while still maintaining clues of their mysterious organic origins.”

Links –


Location – 11th St. and Broadway Ave. (Near Farnam Block)


Location – 12th St. and Broadway Ave. (Near Broadway Roastery)


Artist – Cate Francis

Inspiration – “The Canopy is an imagined view inside the distinctive American Elm canopy that arches above the Broadway area. The illustration is a reflection of the diverse ecology that exists in the neighborhood due to its close proximity to the Meewasin river valley.  Wild and domestic animals are represented taking part in an open narrative that reflects the atmosphere of Broadway’s many daytime festivals and vibrant nightlife.”

Links –


Location – 12th St. and Dufferin Ave.