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Valentine’s Day Gift Inspiration

February 2nd, 2017


Love is in the air and trust me you do not want to be the one grabbing some last minute – picked over – grocery store flowers and a box of smarties for the love of your life. So I created a list of creative Valentine’s Day gifts that will help ease the pressure. Even better yet all gifts can be found on Broadway Avenue! A one stop shop.


Under $25

Mini Cacti Succulent


What’s better than an affordable little cactus succulent? This is a great alternative that will outlive those expensive and cliché flowers you were looking at. These mini cacti look great as decoration anywhere in the house and take very minimal work! The one shown in the photo above starts at $15 but most others start at $20. These can be found at Bill’s House of Flowers, a charming flower shop with extremely beautiful and unique products.

Nutana Bakery


Valentine’s Day is for spoiling each other, even on a budget! Nutana Bakery provides the best goodies at a very low cost. I can never get out of there without grabbing myself at least one treat. My favourite in the store is the assortment of squares. They typically have around a dozen choices and each piece is a measly $1.45. My go to’s are always the haystack brownie, cappuccino nanaimo bar and the peanut butter candy square. The fun doesn’t stop there though; they also have cookies, bread, cakes, donuts and more! Grab a little box of sweets for you sweetie!

*Tip* Debit and credit purchases must be over $5.00 (not hard to pick out that many treats!), otherwise bring cash to be safe!

Handmade Cards


Every Valentines gift needs a card so why not make it a little extra special this year. These cards are all handmade and feature blank insides to write whatever you choose. They are very reasonably priced at $4 for the small, $10 for the large cards and can be found at Handmade House Saskatoon.

Butter Flavoured Oliv Oil


If you have a foodie in your life this gift is perfect. My personal favourite Oliv product is the “Butter” Oil. Not only does this extra virgin olive oil have a rich butter flavor without the dairy contents, but it is also a healthier alternative too! Of course there are many ways to enjoy this oil including substituting it for butter in baking or on vegetables, but my favourite way to use it is on freshly air popped popcorn.  This bottle is only $22.95 at Oliv Tasting Room.

Saskatoon Berry Chocolates and Non-Alcoholic Champagne


Unfortunately we just received news that Wanuskewin will be leaving us on Saturday January 28th but I found some products that I cannot keep to myself. These two tasty items will allow for all the necessities of Valentine’s Day with a local twist. The Saskatoon Berry Belgian Chocolates as well as Saskatoon Berry Non-Alcoholic Sparking Cider are made from an Aboriginal Saskatchewan company, Parenteau’s Gourmet Foods. It’s easy to support local- chocolates $14.45 a box and champagne $18 a bottle.  These can now be purchased at the gift shop in Wanuskewin.

Alora Bracelets


These are beautiful little bracelets that you can wear every day and feel good about it. Alora is a Canadian Jewelry company that originated in Calgary Alberta. Every bracelet has a symbolic meaning including: love, forgiveness, family and believing to help you live with intention. To top it off this brand has strong values as each piece is hand crafted from recycled brass and gemstones. You can find these at The Better Good for $24.00-$28.00.

Crave Treats


Crave Cupcakes, a classic Valentines Day gift. We can’t forget about Crave’s other goodies though! S’more Lovin, a mix of chocolate covered marshmallows and golden grahams- this item is exclusive to Valentines Day only and sells for $6.75. Heart shaped vanilla sugar cookies are a cute little treat for $6.95.


Under $50

Soulfari Bracelet

soul-fariThe designer of this beautiful jewelry is a Saskatoon local, Sarah Anderson. Every piece is handmade and inspired by natural products. You can find this unqiue bracelet at The Sandbox in the City for only $44.99. It features beautiful lava stones which are very grounding.

Saxx Underwear


An easy classic, you can never go wrong with underwear. The Clothing Café has all your hookups with an entire display of 20% off Saxx products. That brings them from $32  to $25! The fun doesn’t stop there though they also a large have selection of MyPackage and 2UNDR also for 20% off.

Swell Water Bottles


Swell water bottles are all of the craze these days, especially for workout junkies! Lucky for you The Better Good has an amazing haul of Swell with over 25 options in two different sizes. This company has a special passion in regards to reducing waste via plastic water bottles. That is how they designed this beautiful yet functional bottle. The regular sized bottle shown in these pictures sell for $44 and the larger size (not shown) runs at $58. The second photo features my favourites!

Deborah Potter Earrings


These Sapphire blue and silver earrings create a stunning contrast. They were created by Deborah Potter a Regina based jewelry and ceramic artist. She spent most of her career with Regina Public Schools teaching high school art, and has a BEd and a BFA from the University of Regina, with distinction. You can find these in The Saskatchewan Craft Council for only $35!



If anyone says they don’t lose their keys – they’re lying. The Orbit allows you to locate your keys from your phone or you can locate your phone from your keys. It has to be good, it is on Oprah’s favourite things of 2016 list. This handy little gadget can be found at Hats n’ That for $44.99.

Salt Lamps

saltI found a little (or big) hidden treasure when I was browsing Broadway the other day. The Better Good has a beautiful back room filled with various Salt Lamps. The prices are very reasonable ranging from $26-$120. Himalayan salt lamps are a large blocks of ancient crystal salts with a light bulb in the hollowed out area to create light and heat. These lamps attract the water molecules in the air that carry dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, viruses and smoke particles. The negative particles that were in the air will then remain on the salt lamp and release the now clean water molecules back into the air- more importantly these are a very new and upcoming trend! If your partner does not have one now odds are they will be buying one in two months, so may as well beat them to it.


Under $75

Merx Tassel Necklace


There are lots of similar necklaces out there but this one really caught my eye. The back and grey beading paired with the detailed metal pieces create a beautiful piece. It’s worth every penny and can be found at Hats N’ That for $89.99



Drift Wood Cacti Succulent


If you really, really love your partner you can go big! This beautiful drift wood and succulent assortment is without a doubt my favourite piece in Bill’s House of Flowers. The ticket is far past a mini succulent, at $175. I have never seen a product like this before but it is most definitely worth it as it will outlive any bouquet you can get your hands on.

Melody Armstrong Necklace


This striking necklace is made of sterling silver and hematite stone. Melody Armstrong created this beautiful piece. She is an internationally recognized contemporary jewellery artist based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Working with traditional and non-traditional metals, enamels and stones Armstrong’s Industrial-Organic aesthetic combines abstraction with a truth to materials that reflects both her attention to detail and quality of workmanship. You can find this necklace at The Saskatchewan Craft Council for $125.