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Mission Statement

The Broadway BID supports an eclectic business district offering a unique, all day & all season experience through integration of community, culture, and commerce.


Strategic Goals

Advocacy | the Broadway BID is recognized as a vital resource and support, and serves as an advocate for the business interests of its members. The Broadway BID maintains strong collaborative relationships and voice of opinion with the City of Saskatoon and other stakeholders, and remains responsive to the needs and priorities of the broader community.

Village Experience | the Broadway BID supports and creates opportunities, events and programs that contribute to the board’s vision of Broadway as a progressive, environmentally conscious, accessible, and culturally vibrant urban community.

Urban Design | Broadway is a distinctive, enticing and visually remarkable district that supports and celebrates a balance of built heritage and innovation. Broadway champions a dignified pedestrian experience year-round through placemaking and use of green space, and is accessible via all modes of transportation.

Engaged Members | the Broadway BID creates opportunities to engage its members through innovative and educational initiatives that advance members’ priorities and needs.  The BID creates regular opportunities for members to participate in purposeful, authentic, collaborative consultations, deliberations and communications.

Engaged Partners & Community | the Broadway BID creates opportunities for external partners to be part of purposeful, authentic, collaborative consultations, deliberations and communications that will inform the Broadway BID in its endeavors.

Staff Engagement | the Broadway BID Board exercises leadership in harmony with its staff. The Board maintains conditions for staff to feel energized and committed to their work as champions and ambassadors of the district. Staff feel supported and challenged in their professional work, and creativity and risk taking are encouraged.